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Our Mission

The Black Girls for Liberation Collective is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing Black girls. Grounded in an ethic of care and acceptance of our individual ways of being, BGfL prioritizes cultivating co-created spaces of joy, healing, and liberation with and for Black girls. We are committed to co-creating environments that center and amplify the voices of Black adolescent girls. Our co-creation of spaces with and for Black girls prioritizes their cultivation toward self-actualization. We employ the use of the term collective to emphasize that the efforts of this space are communal.


Our Vision

 Black girls deserve spaces where they can be their authentic selves and not have to shapeshift into boxes created for them. Honoring the voice and brilliance of Black girls, the Black Girls for Liberation Collective envisions a future of a liberated generation of Black girls who have an in-depth understanding of self and their stories -living unapologetically and free. By employing a Black Girlhood for Liberation framework, we recognize that black girlhood is fluid and should always be imagined with Black girls at the center. Black girls deserve to be happy, experience joy, and tell their own stories.

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