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Period Poverty and School Pushout 

Period Poverty has been defined as inadequate access to menstrual hygiene information, products, and toilets. As part of our work to support Black girls across the diaspora, Black Girls for Liberation will be hosting a month-long donation drive to collect supplies to take to girls in November.

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The Issue 

Girls in Ghana and across the continent of Africa are being subjected to high taxes on menstruation products. Considered a "final consumer good" tampons and sanitary napkins carry a 20% import tax and an additional 12%-15% VAT (Value Added Tax). Social stigmas around menstruation being unclean further exacerbate the issue as it is not given the proper social platform. 

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School Pushout 

High costs of menstruation products act as barrier for girls attending school. Not having access to quality products means that girls have either missed school altogether or resort to using toilet paper and other makeshift articles during menstruation. Shaming that occurs due to inadequate menstruation  products contributes to girls missing school.  The dignity of girls facing challenges of period poverty is being impacted as many girls turn to sexual transactions in exchange for menstrual products. 

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Our Action 

Community leaders and campaigners are advocating to end high taxes on menstrual products. In efforts to find long-term policy solutions to this issue, recommendations have been made to increase free pad distribution to girls while also finding sustainable solutions such as period panties and menstrual cups.  

We are taking up the charge of collecting sanitary napkins and reusable period panties. Our first drive will run from Oct 5th- Nov. 5th. We are asking for sanitary napkin and period panty donations to be able to distribute to girls in Ghana during the week of Nov. 6th. 

We will be accepting product donations through Nov. 5 with official drop off dates on Oct 21st & 28th at The People's Solidarity Hub from 12:00-3:30. For monetary donations please visit our Support Us page

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